Delight your palate at some of the finest eateries in the Hunter above picturesque mountain views. Our head Chef has put together a spectacular modern menu which caters for all. Feel free to choose from our set meal options, or create your own for your guests.

We specialise in celebrations. Estate Tuscany (formerly The Tuscany Wine Estate Resort) is an ideal location for celebratory receptions – for personal and corporate. Flexible layout and style options are available. We aim to cater to every creative request.

The Mill Restaurant offers guests a fine dining experience, while The Brokenback Bar presents a cafe-style bar where guests can sample wine and beer from the region. Both venues present a beautiful blend of modern and rustic decor and present as a stunning backdrop for any occasion.

The Conservatory offers a delightful sunlit space, overlooking the pool, and gardens. Perfect for intimate gatherings, and commonly used for bridal preparation. The Courtyard, overlooking mountains and groomed vineyards, is the perfect backdrop for a garden ceremony, or a memorable reception under the stars.


Fine Dining

The Mill Restaurant has a rustic charm with a semi-indoor space and is delightful all year round. We welcome Guests from around the world to enjoy an exciting modern menu that caters for a range of tastes.

The finest local produce is sourced daily, including herbs, spices and edible flowers to create delicate mouth-watering flavours in every dish.


Eat, Drink & Be Merry

A popular stop for wine tours and visitors – relax the Brokenback Bar for a bite to eat or to sample the regions finest. Cafe-style meals are available for lunch and dinner.

The Bar serves a range of wine, beer and spirits sourced locally and internationally. Tastings and group bookings available.

Estate Tuscany Wine estate chef emilio
Chef Emilio

Since arriving in Australia Chef Emilio Llausas has made a name for himself working on the magical Dunk Island in a brigade of 24 international Chefs and it is here his passion for French cuisine was born. Whilst working for the Accor Group he competed in Assiette De Or judged by Justin North competing at the national level at the Sydney Fish Markets, the Annual Hunter Culinary Association hosted by Colin Fassnidge.

In asking Chef Emilio about himself he states with a slight grin looking off in the distance “well there isn’t much tell, I’m 5’4 and brown.” This is Chef Emilio’s sense of humour; he has no pretence and an understated humble approach to his passion and natural talents in the kitchen.

Born in the south of the Philippines; Cagayan de Oro City, he moved to Australia in 2006 after completing his Batchelor of Commerce, Chef Emilio pursued his passion for food. Inspired by his childhood and time in the Philippines; the family owned an agricultural business producing an array fruits and vegetables which they visited on the weekends; Emilio would cook for the farm workers and his family with the freshest ingredients.

His family wanting him to have a better life and put him on a plane to Australia, Chef Emilio recalls “I needed to work out what I could do that I would excel at and I have always loved to cook.” This passion was born from my mother, sharing her love of the traditional foods of the Philippines and attention to detail from being a quality controller in the Pines Hotel Group.

“My parents wanted me out of the Philippines, but that was so I could have a better future. I remember when I was younger I liked to wear nice clothes and my mother said you better have a good job so you can buy these luxurious things!”

Having cooked for Peter Fitzsimmons, Not quite Nigella, Gerry Swartz and his dog who likes his meat medium rare, The Hoodo Guru’s and Brian McGuigan a neighbour who frequents the restaurant.

Chef Emilio believes “you first eat with your eyes and the art of plating is essential but one must ensure it tastes as good as it looks.” Creating a menu that is without pretence he describes his style taking western food and enhancing it incorporating Asian flavours, French style utilising fresh local ingredients and enjoys using second cuts that normally forgotten.

This quiet and unassuming Chef is creating a culinary dining experience where he wants people to simply enjoy what food has to offer.


Venue Options & Capacity

View: Brokenback mountain range and vineyards  .  Seats up to 100  .  Semi-indoor, retractable blinds  .  Bar  .  Fireplace  .  Balcony

View: The Courtyard and fountain  .  Seats up to 60  .  Indoor  .  Bar  .  Fireplace

View: Brokenback mountain range and vineyards  .  Seats up to 70  .  Semi-indoor, retractable blinds  .  Bar  .  Cafe or Catered  .  Fireplace  .  Balcony

View: The pool and gardens  .  Seats up to 20  .  Indoor  .  Catered
Conferences: screens, projectors and other media players available for hire.

View: Brokenback mountain range and vineyards  .  Outdoor  .  Seats up to 200  .  Outdoor  .  Catered