The Brokenback Bar is a popular stop for wine tours and visitors, located on the grounds of Estate Tuscany. Enjoy the perfect rest stop in the Hunter overlooking mountains for a bite to eat or sample the regions finest.

The Bar serves a range of wine, beer and spirits sourced locally and internationally. Tastings and group bookings are available.

Our head Chef, presents a wonderful cafe-style menu and tapas. The Brokenback Bar is open daily for lunch and dinner.

We specialise in celebrations. Estate Tuscany is an ideal location for celebratory receptions – for personal and corporate. Flexible layout and style options are available. We aim to cater to every creative request.



Kitchen Banquet
Chef’s selection of dishes, for two or more people please specify any dietary requirements
$45 four dishes per person / $55 six dishes per person


Salmon beetroot cured, dill crème fraîche, sour dough $15

Charcuterie board a selection of cured meats, terrine, roasted capsicum, olives, cornichons $35

Cheese platter, three cheeses, quince paste, fresh and dried fruit, lavosh and crostini $35

Vegetarian antipasto of grilled and marinated vegetables, Binnorie labna and sliced baguette $33

Chef’s salad $18 Mushroom parmesan and pea linguine $16

Spaghetti carbonara, bacon, tomato, fresh herbs $23

Chilli garlic prawn, shallots, cherry tomato, herbs, lemon and sourdough $25

Pulled pork burger (one), curry pineapple purée, bad boy chips $26

Grilled Nolan’s beef rump, crispy onion rings, mash potato, house made BBQ sauce $35

Bad boy chips $10

Onion rings $10


Gluten free pizza base available on request – additional $2.5

Cheese and garlic $16

Ham and pineapple $17

Artichoke, baby spinach, roasted capsicum, mushroom, sundried tomato, Bocconcini, pesto aioli $25

Slow cooked beef, wild mushroom medley, camelised onions, béchamel, fresh herbs, Mozzarella, truffle aioli $26

Prawns, garlic, chilli, parsley, Spanish onion, parmesan, lemon $26

Mexican, chorizo sausage, Spanish onions, roasted capsicum, jalapeños, spicy chilli tomato, guacamole $28


Please see the display for our Chef’s selection of cakes – various prices

Sorbet & ice-cream – various favours 1 scoop $7.50 & 2 scoops $12.50

(V) Vegetarian • (GF) Gluten Free • (GFM) Gluten Free Modified• (DF) Dairy Free• (DFM) Dairy Free Modified • Surcharges Applicable • Sunday 10% and Public Holidays 15% • Credit Card Surcharge Applicable

For takeaway call 02 4998 7288 or ext 216 from your room.


Corona, Peroni, Heineken, Coopers Pale Ale $9

Boags Premium, Tooheys Old $8.50

Tooheys Extra Dry, Tooheys New, Pure Blonde, Hahn Super Dry $8

Victoria Bitter, XXXX Gold $7.50

Hahn Light, Boags Light $7

Somersby Pear Cider, Somersby Apple Cider $8.50


Talisker 10 yr, Hennessy Cognac VS, Glenfiddich 12 yr $12.50

Remy Martin Cognac VSOP $14


Coca-Cola • Lemonade • Lift/Lemon • Coke Zero • Soda & Tonic Water • Dry Ginger Ale • Lemon
Lime & Bitters, Bundaberg Ginger Beer • Red Lemonade – Glass 4
Juice – Orange • Pineapple • Apple • Cranberry • Tomato – Glass 4.25
San Pellegrino Sparkling Natural Mineral Water 500 ml 5
San Pellegrino Sparkling Natural Mineral Water 1Ltr 8.95
Acqua Panna Natural Mineral Water 500ml 5
Acqua Panna Natural Mineral Water 1Ltr 8.95

— $7.50 —

Cinzano Bianco
Cinzano Rosso
Cinzano Extra Dry


Napoleon Brandy VSOP, Gordon’s Dry Gin, Bacardi White, Bundaberg UP Rum, Smirnoff Red Vodka, Johnnie Walker Red, Chateau Tanunda Brandy, Canadian Club, Jim Beam, Malibu, Southern Comfort $8

Captain Morgan Spiced Gold Rum $8.50

Wild Turkey, Tanqueray, Bombay Sapphire, Jose Cuervo Especial Reposado Tequila, Johnnie Walker Black, Tullamore Dew Irish Whisky, Jack Daniels, Jameson $9

Bundaberg OP Rum, Dimple 12 yr, Chivas Regal 12yr, Maker’s Mark $10.50

Hennessy VS, Talisker 10 yr, Glenfddich 12 yr, Hendricks, Grey Goose $12.50

Remy Martin VSOP $14


Penfolds Club Port $7

Morris Liqueur Muscat $9.50

Galway Pipe 12 yr $12

Penfolds Grandfather Rare Tawny $17


Bloody Mary: Vodka, tomato juice, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco, salt & pepper $18

Champagne Cocktail: Sparkling wine, brandy, bitters, sugar cube $13

Cosmopolitan: Vodka, triple sec, cranberry & lime juice $18

Lynchburg Lemonade: Jack Daniel’s, triple sec, lemonade, lime & lemon juice $18

Martini: Absolut vodka or Bombay Sapphire gin, vermouth, olives or lemon twist $18

Long Island Iced Tea: Bacardi, gin, vodka, triple sec, tequila, coca cola, lemon juice $18

Midori Splice: Midori, Malibu, pineapple juice, cream $16

French Martini: Vodka, Chambord, pineapple juice $17

Whisky or Amaretto Sour: lemon juice, egg white, sugar $18

Spiced Dark & Stormy: spiced rum, ginger beer, sugar, bitters, lime juice $ 18

Espresso Martini: Vanilla vodka, Kahlua, espresso shot, sugar $17

French Concoction: Cointreau, brandy, dark crème de cacao, vanilla, cream $17



2016 Allandale Sparkling “William” Méthode Traditionelle $13

2017 Allandale Sparkling Gewurztraminer (sweet style) $9.50


2016 Tyrrell’s Moon Mountain Chardonnay $10

2017 Thomas Two of a Kind Semillon Sauvignon Blanc $8.50

2017 David Hook Pinot Grigio $10


2015 Allandale Hilltops Cabernet Sauvignon $10.50

2015 Thomas Two of a Kind Shiraz $9



NV Jansz Sparkling Cuvée $52

2013 Tyrrell’s Pinot Noir Chardonnay Brut $58

2016 Allandale Sparkling “William” Méthode Traditionelle $60

2016 Misty Glen Sparkling Chambourcinhg gtv rrf $53

2016 Allandale Sparkling Gewurztraminer (sweet style) $38


NV Moët & Chandon Brut Imperial $115

NV Taittinger Brut Reserve $129

NV Louis Auger Brut $65


2012 Piggs Peake Verdelho $39

2016 Margan Verdelho $45

2017 Allandale Pinot Gris $39

2017 Allandale Sauvignon Blanc $42

2017 David Hook Pinot Grigio $44

2017 Piggs Peake Rind Riesling (sweet) $36

2017 Thomas Two of a Kind Semillon Sauvignon Blanc $35


2008 Allandale $69

2008 Tempus Two Zenith $55

2009 McWilliams Mount Pleasant Elizabeth $66

2010 Tyrrell’s HVD $74

2014 First Creek $45

2014 Wombat Crossing $51

2016 Margan $45

2016 Thomas Six Degrees $41

2017 Thomas Braemore $55


2010 Wombat Crossing $60

2013 Tyrrell’s Vat 47 Hunter $99

2014 Scarborough Yellow Label $51

2015 Tempus Two Wilde $45

2015 Prettydog Vineyard $45

2015 Misty Glen $47

2016 Tyrrell’s Moon Mountain $45

2016 Margan $45


NV Scarborough Pinot Noir $51

2014 Wombat Crossing Rosé $45

2014 Tintilla Saphira Sangiovese $60

2015 First Creek Grenache Shiraz Merlot $39

2016 Tintilla Estate Rosato di Jupiter Rosé $42

2016 Mistletoe Rosé $33


2014 Vinden Estate $60

2015 Tintilla Estate Justine $58


2015 Saddlers Creek Bluegrass $69

2015 Allandale Hilltops $44


2003 Rufus Stone Heathcote $73

2013 Tyrrell’s Brokenback $45

2013 Tyrrell’s Vat 9 Hunter $135

2013 Mistletoe Hilltops $39

2013 Polin & Polin $41

2014 Rufus Stone Heathcote $47

2014 McGuigan Bin 2000 Limestone Coast $39

2014 Allandale Matthew $43

2015 Thomas Two of a Kind $39

2015 Margan $51

2015 Thomas Sweetwater $59

2015 Thomas Kiss $110


2012 Camino Del Pelegrino Albarino Rias Baixas Spain $52

2013 Charteris The Hunt Vineyard Riesling Central Otago NZ $69

2015 Maude Pinot Noir Central Otago NZ $70

2016 Zephyr Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough NZ $51


2013 Allandale Botrytis Viognier 375ml $55

2016 Piggs Peake Suckling Pig Shiraz 500ml $45

2016 De Iuliis Late Picked Semillon 500ml $42

12 years and under

MAIN $13.00

Snack plate- chicken nuggets, fish goujons, chips with salad & tomato sauce

Spaghetti with Cheese sauce or Tomato sauce

Steak with steamed potato & vegetable with BBQ sauce

Pizza ham, pineapple, tomato and mozzarella

Mini franks and tomato sauce with salad


Beer battered seasoned chips

Garden salad


Fruit salad and yoghurt

Ice cream Sundae chocolate – strawberry and vanilla with chocolate topping and sprinkles

(V) Vegetarian • (G) Gluten Free • (DF) Dairy Free
Surcharges Applicable • Sunday 10% and Public Holidays 15% • Credit Card
For takeaway call 02 4998 7288 or ext 216 from your room


The Brokenback Bar is open daily.

We regularly cater for touring groups and events. Please make a reservation to avoid disappointment, particularly for groups of 4 of more.

Open 7 Days
Monday to Friday 12:30pm till late
Saturday & Sunday 12 noon till late


We’ll get in touch to confirm all site bookings.

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